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When we visited the Museo de las culturas aborigenes, I bought Maeve a cute little drum in the gift shop. It was $4 and I just couldn’t pass it up. I think it’s adorable when she plays with it and lifts the strap over her head! Best $4 I’ve ever spent.

Here are a few photos of my cute, sleepy baby. Pretty much the best thing in my life. Although I wish she would sleep through the night…

We were so blessed to have found the best person to care for Maeve 2 hours a day for the last two weeks. Ariel was Maeve’s niñera, and Maeve loved her! Maeve would come home with lipstick on her neck and in her hair from all the love she received. Maeve would give Ariel hugs when she said goodbye, something that she only does for her immediate family. 

For me, it was a huge blessing to so quickly find someone to help care for Maeve while I was at Spanish school and Conor worked. I completely trusted Ariel from the beginning and never worried about her once. Maeve likely ate more sugar than I would care for her to (babies and sugar seems to be cultural! No one would ever feed my baby a marshmallow in the USA to start, but it would absolutely not happen without shamefully asking the mother first!), but I knew that she was safe and loved. I thank God for putting Ariel and her family so quickly in our path. The entire family became so dear to us during our 2 weeks in Quito!

P.S. I think Maeve is closer to walking thanks to Ariel! Maeve’s still quite the late bloomer, but maybe in the next month or so, she’ll decide walking is for her!

Maeve has begun to maneuver herself onto her knees and can even pull herself up to standing! It’s no easy task when starting flat on one’s bottom, so we’re pretty darn proud of her. She’s developing some serious upper body strength! Sometimes she’s panicked a little bit at her new-found mobility as though she’s unsure how to get safely back onto her bottom on the ground. Makes me laugh because I can recall Greta crying a couple times when she found herself in a place that seemed hard to get out of! It’s so exciting to see Maeve move around even more. Gives me hope that she really will one day walk and be a successful adult.

In 10 days, we will be on an airplane beginning our trip to Ecuador. On our way south, we extended our layover in Dallas, TX from one night to two so that we can spend some time with our friends who live there. And then it’s off the Ecuador and landing in the capital just after midnight. 

We are busy-busy getting our house all ready for the family who will be staying here, gathering up the last of supplies and clothing and trying to finalize what luggage we will be bringing. It’s a real whirlwind and there’s so much to do! I believe that I would feel better prepared if a certain someone would sleep through the night already and let me get the rest that my body SO desperately needs! Alas, Maeve can not, will not sleep through the night and I’m pushing through the best I can. The poor dear has a cold right now and is an extra mess. At least she’ll likely have that over with before we travel on down to South America. 

It’s hard to take photos of Maeve, she’s always in motion! Her bum scoot is pretty amazing and she can get around really well without pulling with her hands. She’s started to pull herself right through onto her tummy more often and she’s (finally) figured out that she can roll around places. Maeve has begun to pull herself up to standing, which takes a considerable amount of upper body strength when the starting position is sitting down with the legs extended. I just can’t imagine life without this little sweetheart… that’s what getting up in the night so often can do to a woman. I can no longer recall what feeling well rested feels like! Ha. But seriously Maeve, I love you. 

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