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So much love getting squeezed into Ira all the time! Crossing my fingers he survives!

Greta captured this photo of Maeve and I think it's darling. Had to share!

Hallelujah! Maeve is back in preschool! Instead of doing a co-op (which I clearly cannot do right now!) a friend is teaching all the kiddos! So Maeve gets to be with her besties, outside, playing. I have really enjoyed listening to Maeve sing all her preschool songs to me the last week and a half. I've thought to myself that she's a little genius, but then realized that singing the songs is age appropriate and because she's finally learning the songs, she's singing them!

Here are some sweet snaps of Conor helping Maeve get ready to go.

Maeve and I focused in on heart shaped crafts for the last couple weeks. Often Maeve's friend joined in too. Here are a few of the things we did. Some of the other crafts we did were really simple like painting hearts. Nothing too fancy. I think our next theme will be rainbows...

I really like doing a series of focused crafts with my children and fortunately they just really like doing crafts. All of these were geared towards Maeve and the big girls joined in if they wanted. I drew snowflakes for Maeve with a white crayon and she used water color to paint over them. We made snowflakes from marshmallows (and ate quite a few!). We glued sequins onto popsicles sticks. And we made tissue paper collage snowflakes with a friend. It can be challenging to meet Maeve's needs right now with covid and less time with peers. Crafts have been one solution. I also ordered a subscription to a craft box for her and the biggest bonus with that is that Holly and Greta are both jazzed about doing those crafts with her! We're trying over here. Some days it's a hot mess, but I think we're going to come out on top!

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