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Earlier this week, Maeve and I went for a little walk to the pond and back. Walking with a little one is a fun way to experience the world in a whole other way. This little gal has my heart. She's the apple of my eye!

Here she is practicing being moody on the park bench. Ha! I let her walk the two blocks to the pond and then I put her on my shoulders to come home. 

Maeve is so cute even when she eats her little lunch. Maeve refuses to sit in her booster seat at the table most of the time and that's just messy. She really thinks she's a big girl!

Happy Halloween! I love dressing my kids up for Halloween. It's a lot of fun! Greta is a nutcracker, but perhaps looks more like a circus ringmaster. And Holly is a native American. For photos, Maeve was first a butterfly because she has flat out refused the necklace and hat for her costume. But, she was so pliable with a sucker in her mouth that I decided to try it and she allowed me to dress her! Very exciting! I made Holly's dress, embellished Greta's and I made everything for Maeve besides the green jammies. 

Conor had just gotten home earlier in the day (he spent a week in Chicago!) that I took photos and all Maeve wanted was him! So cute. Love how everyone looks and we are already dreaming up costumes for next year, as we do!

For our church's trunk or treat, Conor was an off-duty cop (that mustache!) and I was a lumber Jill.

Oh man, Maeve in this little red corduroy dress with pigtails, with bows, looking so dang cute! And those blue eyes that won her fans all over Ecuador. I'm just not sure it gets any better than this sweetheart.

I recently sewed up this little rollerskate tunic for Maeve from Halloween fabric I had bought last year for costumes. I had just enough for the tunic length, I couldn't squeeze out the dress length. This fabric is so fun, I really like it and maybe I wish I had bought more? I made Maeve's little hair bow too. It's fun to sew little things for this girl. Next up, her birthday dress!

I've made at least 10 dresses for the Oliver and S Rollerskate pattern, but probably somewhere closer to 15. It's the perfect play dress. And while Maeve's tunic is a little large on her (surprise!), this pattern typically fits so nicely. 

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