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Here are some photos of Maeve with our friends' energetic dog Pamphila. Pamphila and Maeve developed quite the love/hate relationship. Maeve so wanted Pamphila, but Pamphila would jump up and hurt Maeve. Oh gosh. At the airport, Claudia gave Maeve a stuffed pug that looks exactly like Pamphila. So, so cute! And Maeve likes to pretend to be a puppy and we call her Pamphila and tell her, "down, down."

I am so grateful for the wonderful friendships we made in Oaxaca!

Elote is corn on the cob, smothered with mayo and cheese and drizzled with lime juice. Lots of people here also get chili sauce, but we're gringos so... we keep it mild. Maeve loves elote so much! Check out her face covered in mayo and cheese!

And here's a little something-something I picked up for myself... fried plantains topped with sweet stuff! 

We frequently find ourselves in the Zocálo and we are often blowing bubbles. My kids all really enjoy it. The Zocálo is such a fun place to people watch. There's almost always live music and there are little stands selling all sorts of things. Here are some pictures of my Maeve looking so dang cute and so happy blowing bubbles. 

One day this past week, Maeve just wouldn't take a nap and she also wouldn't relax. I took her out to the mercado for a little date. First we stopped at the tortilla shop because Maeve had a craving and then we bought orange-pineapple juice and drank it together. I loved spending those 20 minutes with just Maeve! Poor Maeve, we try to get her down for a nap at a reasonable time each day, but our schedule has had so many variables! Lots of lates nights, late naps and missed naps! 

This hibiscus bush is just on the corner from our apartment. Last night I noticed a tree growing pomegranates! The plants here are top notch. Anyways, here's my cute baby who won't remember anything from this trip. 

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