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My baby girl graduated from Preschool and is off to kindergarten in the fall. She's had a great year - she's quite the extrovert! Maeve never warmed up to nap time, but she liked her friends. At the end of the school year she told me that she has a crush on Ethan because he's so funny. I keep forgetting that Maeve is 5 years old and more capable of what I currently ask her to do. She's still a little toddler in my mind. I think Maeve will really enjoy kindergarten - she definitely craves the stimulation!

In true Maeve style, her dress is on backwards and her hair is a mess. And I'd like to point out that a perk of being the shortest kid in your class is that you get to be in the front! I love my Maevey Maeves!

Hey Maeve and E, let's recreate this picture of you both with the goats in 20 years okay?

These pictures may be from a Sunday afternoon when Conor and the girls watched a couple movies in a row. Maeve likes to tell me that we have three babies because we have Masha. And sometimes she wants me to take care of Masha and that's when I put my foot down.

Finally! Maeve wore her birthday dress! I think it's adorable and I think she likes it too.

My baby girl is FIVE years old! It's so hard to believe. She's always gonna be my little girl I think. For her birthday, Maeve was convinced we'd have snow so she wanted to go sledding, skiing and ice skating and then drink hot chocolate. And while it snowed the morning of her birthday (magical btw), it wasn't enough to sled or ski. Conor took Maeve ice skating just the two of them in the afternoon. Maeve was thrilled with every part of her birthday. We gave her a mermaid palace toy she has been pining for. She saw it in a catalogue and has spent hours looking at the picture. Nana and Papa JJ gave her some cute outfits and Maeve wears the sweater around the clock, to bed, the whole deal. I need to wash it. Maeve wanted a chocolate cake with pink icing. Done and done girlfriend.

The day this girl was born, the world became a better place. She's so delightful. And I'm so honored to be her mom!

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