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My big girls are at Vacation Bible School (they love it!) this week in the mornings, which gives me some one on one time with Maeve that I don't usually get. Today we went to the park. Maeve is so stinking cute. I really, really love her and I'm so glad she's a part of the family! I'm going to prioritize more time with my baby like this. I love this age that she's at. 

This girl is so sweet and beautiful. Lots of love for my Maeve. 

Maeve's kisses are the cutest! They are more of a fishy face and we can't get enough. Conor gets the most kisses. She's also started to blow kisses... melts my heart!

Not sure if it's my lens, me the photographer, or my wiggly children, but most of the photos I snapped of them this morning turned out fuzzy. Whoops! So here's two of my cute children. I love these three so much!

I love carousels. And I love babies on carousels. To me, it's really fun and magical to ride a carousel with a baby. I was very excited to take Maeve around on the Looff now that it's finally set up in it's new (perhaps unnecessary) home. So, so cute! Fun activity for the whole family!, and Happy Hollows. And then when Holly and Greta were smaller here in Spokane on the Looff it's old and perhaps superior home. 

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