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These two. They were turning into little buddies, playmates. It was pretty special to watch their relationship transition into something a little more fun and interactive as baby girl grew!

Play hard, sleep hard!

Such an easy thing to do for my sensory seeking little gal. She loves it, her sisters love it. We're all winners.

Our Maeve packs a punch with all her personality. Her newest thing is wearing her jeans and telling everyone that she has pockets on her booty! Love my Maeve shake!

While we had family in town, we celebrated Maeve's birthday. I have been so excited to give Maeve her gift - a momma bunny and three nursing baby bunnies. She loves it. This age that Maeve is at, it's so magical. (And a little emotionally charged at times!) My favorite thing she says, mostly about the baby we have in our home, is, "oh goodness." Maeve is a sweetheart with a big heart. Now if only she'd stop pooping in the tub.

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