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I spent a little bit of time sewing and gave Maeve a strip of fabric to play with. Baby heaven! Made my momma heart so proud and reminded me of Holly eating patterns

I made a simple Geranium dress for Maeve earlier this month from some Heather Ross fabric I bought at least a year ago… I like it when something turns out cuter than I expected! I like these quick little projects. Maeve hasn’t had a whole lot of stuff sewn for her either, so when I do sew for her I’m like, “It’s not so bad being the third baby right?!”

Maeve loves our “That’s not my monster book.” She loves to feel the different textures. She’s always scratching and finding little things to pull at with her little index finger and thumb. If you have a button on your shirt, Maeve will be very interested in it. She’s fingering things almost all the time. It’s so fun to have a baby in the house again. I love watching her make all her little discoveries. 

Ah, nine months, three quarters of a year… It’s crazy! Maeve, sweet Maeve! Here’s what you should know about my darling girl:

  • Maeve has no teeth
  • Maeve isn’t very mobile, I’ve see her roll to her tummy once to get something. Obviously she’s not crawling
  • Maeve only waves to men she doesn’t know
  • She’s super social, likes to be included
  • Loves her baths
  • LOVES her sisters
  • She clicks her tongue all the time (so proud!)
  • Maeve reaches to be held
  • She’s the best napper and night sleeper
  • Loves to breastfeed and eat
  • Circles her feet constantly

I’m slowing down with Maeve… trying to enjoy her more and more. It’s the slowing down that’s tricky. Enjoying this sweet thing is easy!

This afternoon was beautiful and unhurried as I sat on the floor and played with Maeve. No agenda. Just play. I put a bucket on her head and laughed as she pulled it off and tried to put it back on. She thought she could put the little purple bucket on her head too. I love the discovery of this age. I love this baby. 

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