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Some new favorite photos of my Maeve with her special thing, her baby. Right now, Maeve is in a phase of undressing herself and her baby in bed when she's supposed to be sleeping, which you know, when she's supposed to be sleeping, it's definitely annoying. The baby doll was a gift for her first birthday. You just never know what kids are going to attach to and honestly, for a long time we doubted that she would attach to anything (besides nursing). But Maeve loves her baby (and her blanket) a lot. So sweet.

Some photos from a little neighborhood egg hunt at the local park. I like egg hunts and I don't. I like how cute my 2 year old is finding eggs and putting them in her bucket. I don't like the competition and the expectations that don't line up. Tempted to do our own egg hunt next year with friends? But I also love going to this one and seeing friends!

One of our family's favorite activities is riding bikes. Maeve is so much happier when she gets outside each day, especially if it's on the bike. When we ride fast downhill, she holds on, leans forward and yells, "weeee!" If I slow down, she tells me, "come on!"

Maeve is a super copycat. Here she is reading books and eating cereal. I love this little tot so much!

Here are some photos of Maeve with our friends' energetic dog Pamphila. Pamphila and Maeve developed quite the love/hate relationship. Maeve so wanted Pamphila, but Pamphila would jump up and hurt Maeve. Oh gosh. At the airport, Claudia gave Maeve a stuffed pug that looks exactly like Pamphila. So, so cute! And Maeve likes to pretend to be a puppy and we call her Pamphila and tell her, "down, down."

I am so grateful for the wonderful friendships we made in Oaxaca!

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