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Maeve requested an Elsa birthday cake from Granny, and Granny delivered! I just love that look of pure joy and contentment on a child's face on their birthday. Makes my heart melt!

We drove to Canada on Maeve's 4th birthday. She was so excited and totally fine with that! We bought her slippers at a gas station on the way and she opened her present once we arrived at Granny's. Covid makes birthdays weird, so to celebrate Maeve, we made sugar cookies together and delivered the cookies with frosting and sprinkles to her preschool friends. It was a joyful activity!

We keep bouncing back and forth between Autumn and Winter. It's been a weird October and November. I prefer the seasons to be a bit more orderly. There hasn't been much jumping in leaves because the leaves are all wet and yucky. In an attempt to roll with it, we made fall crowns and did leaf rubbings one afternoon.

Sometimes I still sew?? I made Maeve this sweet flannel dress using Wiksten's Smock dress pattern. I love this pattern with it's big pockets. I skipped the elastic on the sleeve because I didn't want the wrists to feel bulky. Maeve is really pleased with this dress. It's soft and sweet. It felt really good to make something. Next up, Maeve's birthday dress!

Maeve has started to draw people and kids drawing people may be one of my most favorite milestones! So, I was really excited for this art project - drawing faces on pumpkins. I had previously water colored the pumpkin shapes and then I gave the kiddos black pens and encouraged them to draw all sorts of emotions on their pumpkins. I was so satisfied with the end result!

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