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Motherhood right now...

I feel more settled into my role as a mother than ever. It's messy, busy, hard, beautiful, joyful, rewarding, delightful. I'm tired and honored to do this wonderful work. I fall short over and over again, yet somehow my heart grows and grows.

These photos are a great representation of what motherhood looks like for me these days. A little tired, a little messy and a little piled up!

A few pics of me and Maeve taken by Holly...

The days are long, but the years are short.

Life somehow sped up. I'm shocked at how often I'm sprinting to get this or that done. I feel like I'm constantly doing laundry (what changed?), and something is always in need of cleaning. We have a million things to do, including grocery shopping every single week. I miss nap time. A reason to slow down in the middle of the day. Yes, sometimes I felt like a slave to nap time, but honestly, I looked forward to those 2 quiet hours in the day where I had a chance to catch my breath or doze on the couch. Now, there is no nap. And so somehow life has become very busy, I think maybe because we can. I'm managing and sacrificing (much less sewing is happening in these parts) and I'm tired.

Today, I was rushing around getting some things done before our well checks at the doctor's office. Holly invited me a couple of times to play, but I didn't. She invited me again at another time of day, and I politely declined. And finally after dinner, Conor and I were invited to play in the yard with a new ball I had just purchased for my girls. The dishes be damned, I was not putting aside an opportunity to play with my children. And so outside we all went for a little while to throw a ball around and laugh and chase and be a family.

Playing with my children was so much more satisfying than a perfectly folded stack of laundry. I loved listening to Holly boss us around and tell us all the rules. And watching Greta's eyes light up when I chase her is amazing. It was a beautiful little bit of time being with my family. And it was so worth it.

It was a good Mother's Day. I wasn't anticipating a little sleep-in, but it happened. And as I was waking up, a freshly-bathed and still naked Greta popped her head into my room and said, "Happy Mother's Day! Chachacha!" I received handcrafted cards from my littles and all throughout the day, Holly and Greta frequently wished me a happy mother's day. As we put Holly to bed, she wished me a happy mother's day evening. They really were so sincerely excited to celebrate me - it was perfect. Although, Holly is ready to march on Washington to establish a "Kid's Day." Love that girl - she's the best!

One huge highlight is having my own Mother here! So far, we've had such a good time and I'll be savoring my last few days with her before she heads back north. She's been so helpful and has greatly reduced my anxiety and stress while Conor was in Chicago. She thoroughly scrubbed my kitchen table, helped me pick out house plants and tomato plants and plant them. She's read a countless number of books to Holly and Greta... the list goes on. A lot of service and love!

And a continuation of a tradition... Mother's Day photos!