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We loved Salinas and look forward to going back early in April. What a treat it was to swim in a warm ocean with just the right amount of waves. Salinas is so hot and humid and there were many moments when the heat was too much for me. I'm still Canadian after all. But, once we made it to the water it was perfect! Refreshing but not cold. All three of my daughters loved the water. Maeve was so happy to be kicking her little feet and moving her hands through the water. It was adorable and brought me so much joy! 

While in Salinas, we ate at the same restaurant for all our meals. This was one of the most interesting weekends of my life! It was a total release of any and all control and planning. We do our best to communicate but our Spanish is only so good. I like to have a plan and I like control, however this was a good learning experience of everything turning out great without either. Honestly, this weekend was a wild ride in so many ways! Traveling there and back, stuffing 7 adults and 5 children into a hot, hot vehicle... The company was perfection and we just love the people we got to spend the weekend with! We continually find ourselves feeling immensely blessed. 

Here are some pictures of Maeve at the one restaurant we ate at. The server introduced Maeve to all the other employees and held her for a good chunk of time and gave Maeve her own little bowl of popcorn. Maeve is living the pampered life here in Ecuador. She is adored by everyone!

And ya, that's soda my baby is cuddling up to. I've never seen anyone give their children warm coca cola until coming here to Ecuador! 

Just a little detour on our way from breakfast to the beach to see some airplanes! Holly wants to be the pilot and the mechanic.

Last weekend we spent a whirlwind 48 hours traveling to and spending time in Salinas with our friends. Here are some photos of snow cones. Everyone got one on our way back to the car and we all walked so slowly while we ate them. It was funny to watch 12 people walking and eating snow cones so slowly! 

While in Salinas, we went to La Chocolatera, which is the most westerly point in Ecuador. We went just as the sun was beginning to set and it was beautiful! And the perfect temperature. We could see crabs scuttling around on the rocks - they were so camouflaged it was hard to see them! The ocean is so healing for me. I loved being along the coast again. 

Maeve's little romper is size 6-12 months and it still fits her (she's 15 months old!), which is great because it's one of my favorites. 

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