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Whew, every night we survive feels like quite the accomplishment. Our first morning at home was really sweet. E fell in love with Ira. I had some early morning snuggles with Ira. Families are so special.

Because of Covid, the kiddos weren't able to meet Ira at the hospital. They saw him via video chat, but obviously that's just not the same as snuggling your newborn brother. When Conor and I arrived home, the kids were all farmed out. I think I took a nap before they came home! Maeve came home first and I think it was nice to let her enjoy her baby brother all on her own. It was pretty cute! When the older two and E came home it was a little hot over who got to hold Ira first. Kind of intense! There's definitely been some feelings as we've all tried to adjust to our new normal. I have to say that I'm really happy with how everyone acclimatized to having one more member of our family!

It's so fun to be part of a family! I love my big girl helpers.

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