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Just had to snap some Sunday photos with our much loved visitors!

Sunday photos live on! Gosh, I love this little baby so much!

Gosh, these three. They are everything.

And at the same time, I can't help but wish we had an extra kiddo in this photo. Becoming a foster momma for me means a huge range of feelings. I wonder if the ache in my heart will ever go away? Or is this what it means to love? I keep hoping that having another sweet soul to love on will help heal, but the phone just isn't ringing.

Some belated photos from Mother's Day. A day filled with ups and downs and lots of mothering! I'm so grateful for these three who call me Mom, Momma, Mommy. It's a true privilege!

Some photos of my little trio. I haven't taken any photos since we came home from Mexico!

I don't know about the other families out there, but Sunday seems to often be a day of torture for our kids. They are so bored all day long and I feel like I spend the day trying not to lose my mind! It doesn't matter if we eat good food and play some games together. As soon as they are no longer the center of our attention, or eating, or on a screen, they are grumpy and incapable of entertaining themselves. It's painful. Staying up late the night before isn't doing them any favors either! 

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