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Last year, Conor and the big girls learned to nordic ski while I stayed home, took care of little kids and my pregnant belly, and baked muffins (so many muffins - some sort of weird nesting). This year we all get to get out there! And it's a total circus just like we guessed it would be! My friend, Amorette, and I drove up during the work week just the two of us to initiate me into the ski crew and I'm really glad we did that before taking up the entire family. Our friend, Parker, was so generous to carry a baby or pull the sled the entire time! The weather was so wintery and it snowed the entire time we were up there. We had a great time and returned home tired. The babies were troopers and so was Maeve. We didn't end up getting Maeve on her skis because oh man, everything else was so much work! But next time, Maeve!

Things to note in the photos:

  • Conor's pink boots that gave him wicked blisters
  • Ira's snow encrusted hoods
  • Snow in E's eyelashes
  • Maeve and Ira asleep in the sled
  • the sheer amount of snow on the ground and falling

Conor and the big girls have gone skiing up at Mt Spokane almost every weekend since the beginning of January. I'm pleased to report that they love it! This is a dream come true for me. I've wanted my family to get into XC skiing ever since we moved here. I can't wait to join in next winter! Last weekend, I sent my camera with Holly and Greta and here's what they brought back. Love those 2!

I really like doing a series of focused crafts with my children and fortunately they just really like doing crafts. All of these were geared towards Maeve and the big girls joined in if they wanted. I drew snowflakes for Maeve with a white crayon and she used water color to paint over them. We made snowflakes from marshmallows (and ate quite a few!). We glued sequins onto popsicles sticks. And we made tissue paper collage snowflakes with a friend. It can be challenging to meet Maeve's needs right now with covid and less time with peers. Crafts have been one solution. I also ordered a subscription to a craft box for her and the biggest bonus with that is that Holly and Greta are both jazzed about doing those crafts with her! We're trying over here. Some days it's a hot mess, but I think we're going to come out on top!

The ponds are frozen! My girls were so excited and have been out ice skating a couple of times. It's just so much fun to be able to walk a couple blocks to a pond and skate. I love where we live!

We got brave and went on a family hike on November 11th. The hike wasn't long, just over a mile, but sometimes those little legs give out! That morning was foggy and so the trees were gorgeous with frost. I was so happy to get outside and enjoy a trail I haven't been on in a while. I so appreciate where we live, there are quite a few beautiful hikes close by.

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