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The first snow of the year is always magical (even if it did rudely ruin fall). I think my very favorite thing about the first snow is how much time the kiddos spend playing in it! It's a major Mom win! The snow stuck around for quite some time too allowing for all sorts of fun!

One of my favorite things we've done this winter is skate on a local pond. It was so fun and easy. Under the ice we could see a frozen turtle and a frozen frog. Maeve really loves to be outdoors, so even though she was chilly in the stroller, she had a lovely time! I love getting on skates and having a childhood of memories come flooding in!

I was so happy when it finally snowed! And now it's pretty much all gone. But, we got out there and enjoyed it. I wish it was still a winter wonderland. We only have just over a month left to enjoy winter before we travel to an eternal spring time in Ecuador! So bring on the snow!

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