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I snapped this photo and thought it was such a beautiful representation of childhood. Can you find Maeve?

I picked up a Dizzy swing (or disc swing) for my daughters. My siblings and I had one and we spent hours playing on it and laughing. I have good memories connected to our dizzy swing. My mom hung it in the tree in the front yard and the girls have loved playing on it. Holly wants to be out there swinging almost all the time. The neighbor kids have really enjoyed it too - we'll come home and someone will be swinging on it. So fun! It's getting lots of use and was definitely a good investment. I love when I get to share something from my childhood with my dear sweet children. Something about things coming full circle is so satisfying.

Just as much as Greta loves her bunny, Holly loves her duck. Ducky has been with her all her life, a faithful companion. He is the trigger of her finger sucking. I wanted to capture Holly as is, as a child with messy hair. She's growing up too fast. Kindergarten research has me wanting to preserve her forever for myself.

My sweet Greta is very attached to her Jellycat Bunny. The poor thing has had his stuffing loved out of him. I actually had to make a repair, but more on that later.

When Greta turns three (in just 9 days!), she has to hand in her soother (pacifier), so I really wanted to take some photos of her as she is, still clinging to a tiny piece of babyhood. Greta loves her soother and her bunny so much. She tells us all the time how much she loves Bun-Buns and gives him the loveliest kisses and hugs. Childhood is so beautiful. And I'm so grateful I get to be her Mother.