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This was one of those crafts that I wanted to do with my daughters because I wanted to make one. We used scraps from the quilts I made for them last year and sparkly modge podge. And then we glued the scraps onto glass ornaments. I love how they turned out! Our Christmas tree will likely be covered with handmade ornaments forever and I love that. I love these little things I make with and for my daughters. Decorating the tree was such a joy this year as we remembered years past from our ornaments. It's just so special!

We made the favors for Holly's birthday party (and I neglected to hand half of them out!). We used the bubble art we had made earlier. I cut the paper into 2"x3" rectangles and then I cut slits on either side. Holly stamped "thank you" on each one and then Conor and Greta slid the bubble container into the paper slits. It's was a real assembly line. I love how they turned out. And I love the play on bubble art and bubbles!

We made bubble art! I have wanted to do this craft for at least a year and we've finally done it! I loved it. The girls enjoyed it. And it was fairly simple, although pretty messy. All you have to do is mix some food coloring with bubble solution and then blow bubbles at water color paper. The popping bubbles and dripping solution make a mess. We had spots on our face and Greta had the dye all down her legs. It was worth the mess though, because these pieces of artwork are so fun. Holly and Greta were only interested in making one. But it wasn't a craft that they zipped through. I recommend doing this one - it was fun!

Holly, Greta and I did some easy and effective Valentines' Day crafts that I thought I'd share. You likely have all the supplies in your home already.

First, we made some love bug lady bugs. This is done with construction paper, scissors and glue.

Second, we made heart garlands. I traced hearts onto card stock, the girls and I painted them, and then I cut them out. Using embroidery floss and a sewing needle, I strung the hearts into two garlands. You can do this craft with any age that can paint. They don't need to stay within the lines - you'll just be cutting the hearts out!

Easy Peasy!

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