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“Greta the Great”

Greta had her little preschool graduation ceremony this past week. She loved going to preschool this year! I hope she likes kindergarten just as much. She’s a smart kid, so I know she’ll do well. She won the “reading rockstar” award! Holly’s almost done school and then we can get into summertime! I’m really looking forward to a change of pace and some fun.

Yesterday, Greta turned 5 and I swear, she’s looking taller and older today than she did yesterday. I think she’s constantly this chubby little one year old in my mind, so when I really look at her and see that she’s not a chubby one year old, it’s a little bit of a “oh! what happened?” Greta was extremely excited for her birthday, so much so that she experienced some birthday blues in the afternoon of her birthday. Like full on crying for an hour. Conor was a champ with all those five year old feelings.

The day before her birthday, we went to a play at the local children’s theater. Greta invited a friend. It was cute and fun and totally my style of birthday parties. On her birthday she opened up gifts and I made her requested meals. It was an enjoyable weekend!

I love this little girl! I’m happy she’s growing and she’s healthy but I’m sure sad that she’s 5 and kindergarten is just around the corner. I’m going to miss my little buddy.

I dropped this little goof ball off at preschool this morning. Just praying that this goes better than swim lessons and ballet and almost everything else I’ve dropped her off at without her sister. I caught a nasty cold virus so for now I’m resting, but I have a big list of things to do around these house! I’m not going to have any trouble filling up my 5 hours a week that I spend kidless. Honestly, when I typed that it sounds like such a ridiculously small amount of time. Better make the most of it!

Pictures of Greta. Seriously this kid is such a joker!

Greta has graduated from Nursery at church. She is officially a sunbeam and I think she’s going to love it! Although she does miss her “girlfriends” who are a year younger than her and are therefore remaining in nursery. I couldn’t resist snapping some photos Sunday morning before we went to church, even if it meant we were a little bit late. Greta is so special to me. She’s a treasure.

A couple of my friends organized a cute little 3 year old soccer league. We had our first practice and game. Greta looked so cute in her tight little shorts! She loved the practice but the game didn’t go as well. She was anticipating more passing and less taking the ball away. She had some big tears over that. I hope that the rest of the soccer games will go better. We’re going to practice at home and really emphasize having fun running around with our friends and if we get to kick the ball then great, but if we don’t, no big deal. Fingers crossed!

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