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Greta lost her eighth tooth this weekend! About a week or so ago she lost her seventh tooth. Those two teeth have been wiggling since the summer time! I have no idea how they stayed in there so long and if you had asked me in August how long they were going to take to fall out, I would not have said as long as it has taken! So now Greta has a gappy smile and now Raton Perez will not be visiting us in Ecuador. 

If you're looking for a fun picture book about tooth fairies, our family loved Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions From Around the World

Time to get serious about brushing and flossing. Haha.

Greta and one of her friends made the cutest snowman last week after we received a dump of snow. Greta kept knocking at the door asking for this or that for her snowman. As of today, the poor thing is all melty and droopy and I asked Greta to bring in the pieces. The circle of life. 

Our Greta qualified for the all city cross country meet and she did great! She took 18th out of 100 girls! I'm so proud of Greta for running this race. She was really nervous about it and had many, many feelings the night before. It was so fun to cheer on my darling girl and to watch her run! What a joy it is to discover what my daughters' strengths are!

Sundays are a weird day. Love me a sabbath and do I ever need a day a rest after homeschooling each week, but Holly and Greta? They do not feel the same, they want to go and play and do and be! Conor is up at 5AM on Sundays and out of the house at 5:40 (I think? I dunno, I'm not up until later) and we have church at 9AM. It's a full morning! We're trying to figure out what our Sundays look like these days... email me with suggestions! Here are some photos of our most recent Sunday.

PS: Maeve's hair.... her sisters love to put it in a ponytail and sometimes they do it before I tell them no and then Maeve hair is all crimped that direction and I just have to go with it. If you've got it, flaunt it. 

Greta had her first soccer game of the season! It's so fun to watch her play. The poor girl had a very structured and active week with cross country, bikes rides, soccer practice and a morning run with Conor and Holly. By the end of the week her legs were so sore, but she did great! I love watching her run around. She loves to play and does a great job pushing herself. 

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