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“Greta the Great”

Greta is still so easy to please. For her birthday, she wanted to invite friends over for a spaghetti dinner and games. She was so happy and loved every minute. Together we baked her cake and after I frosted it, Holly and Greta adorned it with sprinkles. It all came together just fine.

Greta turned 9 earlier this month! Conor and I both are having a hard time wrapping our minds around that one. Time marches forward! Here are some pictures of my girl in her birthday dress. I finished in the day before her birthday, cutting it close! In the past few years, I've begun to give my girls a handful of fabric choices to choose from and we pick a pattern together. It's working out alright!

I don't sew as much as I would like to. I miss it. But I'm a busy Momma in this phase of my life and that's just that. But, when I do put my mind to making something, I get it made and it feels great! Greta has felt disenchanted with some of the dresses in her closet, plus she has specific tastes and some sensory issues. Together, we chose the fabric (I gave her a few choices) and pattern (again, limited choices) and I sewed this dress up for her. This is the Tinsley Dress pattern. It looks lovely on her. We had a little bit of drama (ok, a lot!) when I finished it, but I made an adjustment and it seems to be working for her. It's a cute simple dress.

Here are some photos of Greta after her baptism. Greta's Nana (Conor's Mom), made Greta a really beautiful dress to wear afterwards. Greta loved it and it looked really sweet on her. To celebrate, my parents hosted a BBQ and it was a perfect day!

Greta was baptized on May 25th. It was an exciting day! In total, her baptism was postponed 3 times!! What a patient gal my Greta can be! In the end, we chose to go to Calgary to baptize her so that all our core people could be there. It was pretty special. I'm really glad that Greta has chosen to be a follower of Jesus Christ. By being baptized, she's declared herself a disciple of Jesus Christ and in my opinion, that's about the most important thing a person can do!

Greta wore the same dress Holly wore for her baptism. It's so special to have that sister bond!

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