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Here we go! Off to school! Holly is in 7th grade. She takes the bus to school and she gets up early all on her own to get ready to leave! She's a super responsible kiddo.

And we have Greta in 5th grade and K in 1st grade. I love picking them up from school and getting the download. There's often bus buddies drama which in its own little way is funny. Greta loves school. And she wishes she was homeschooled still.

Stripey blue and hanging out on the porch. The two browned eyed children.

After an extended break from soccer, Greta is back at it! Our weekdays are definitely busier and so are our weekends. Greta loves playing soccer and I like to watch her games. Here are some photos of Greta playing soccer - she has bright pink cleats and her hair is in a braided ponytail.

Greta and I are studying geology for science right now and we've done a lot of fun experiments and demos together. One of them was making a volcano! I don't think I've ever done this with any of my kids and it was pretty easy and fun!

Hard to believe my sweet, tiny baby girl is now 10 years old, but she is! Greta could hardly sleep the night before her birthday and was up early! We loved celebrating her with foods she chose, presents, cake and outdoor time with friends. Maeve helped me make a lemon cake for Greta and we shared it with friends in the backyard around a fire. The day before Greta's birthday, she went skiing with the ski crew and I made cinnamon buns for them.

Greta is an energetic, clever girl. She loves email, reading and being with her family. I love my Greta so much!

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