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And here we are... watching the girls smash the piñata with their fellow classmate on Friday during the school break. When in Mexico! 

This past week, the girls and I learned about our nervous systems in science. Each of the girls built a brain from playdough a labeled it. It was a fun and colorful activity. 

A couple photos of some good moments this past week homeschooling. It's a total grind and totally worth it. I'm definitely a student of balance right now. Trying to figure it all out. As a homeschool parent, it's always really interesting to hear what people have to say about homeschooling. Often I prefer for them to not say anything because sometimes it's really judgmental. One thing someone said to me yesterday was that she feels sorry for the younger kids (toddlers, preschoolers) in homeschool families. And I was kind of like, yes and no. My Maeve gets to see so much of her sisters and be so involved in their lives. And she gets so much less time with kiddos her age. I try to remember that what is really happening when people offer their thoughts on homeschooling is they are often running through a pro and con list of what it would look like if they homeschooled themselves. Unfortunately it sounds more like I'm being analyzed... Anyways... there's lots of reasons why I homeschool. And one of them is that I'm prioritizing sister relationships over friendships with other children. Every family looks so different and has different needs and wants. I really truly believe that there is no one right way for everyone. What I need to work on is not taking people's thoughts about homeschooling as criticism. 

Anyways... back to my cute kids! I pulled out playdough for Maeve this week. Big win! And then there was this little scene of my girls reading while eating their lunches. So awesome! Another reason why I homeschool... my kids have more time to read for pleasure.

One of my favorite things about living in Spokane is the cross country program at the schools. It's so great! This past week Holly and Greta had their first meet of the season and they rocked it! They worked hard and I'm proud of them!

The girls and I had a really fun time at the county fair. Maeve practiced her animal sounds and Holly and Greta loved all the different activities. At the very end the girls got to go on one ride. They wanted to ride a ferris wheel like Fern in Charlotte's Web but we had to settle on swings. Judging by their happy faces, I don't think they were disappointed! 

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