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Holly worked really hard in first grade and I’m super proud of how much she grew and learned this year! She’s a great reader, she loves science and math is kind of her jam. Her school has an amazing music teacher and Holly loved it! Holly makes friends with everyone on the playground. She’s a joy to be around! Holly lost something like 6 teeth during first grade (8 total in 10 months!) so her smile changed so much! Her two front teeth used to be a lot more gappy, but now they’re less so. We’re really excited for summer break! I loved not having to be up and out the door this morning. We’re looking forward to some fun.

Holy smokes! I just compared Holly’s first day with her last day and she has really changed! It’s not fair! Make time stop!

Holly is participating in Cross Country at school and she had her first “meet” this week. It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen! Oh my goodness! A whole mess of cute kids in their school jerseys just so excited to be there. Holly was all smiles. At the end of it all I asked her what she liked best and her answer was all of it. She said there wasn’t anything she didn’t like. Win! Holly got to ride a school bus from her school to the park where they raced. That was her first time on a bus and it was a thrill! It’s the little things when you’re 6 years old. Holly did a great job. We loved cheering her and the other kids on. She totally had a runner’s high afterwards. She has one more meet before the season is over and we’re all looking forward to it. Long live childhood!

It was a little tough to send Holly to school this year. We’ve only been in Spokane for 2 weeks and I feel like we know very little about the school. I was nervous! Holly was nervous! Imagine my relief when I picked her up at the end of the day, asked her how her day was and her response was an enthusiastic, “It was great! I had fun!” Phew! It all went well. She’s still our happy Holly. Here’s some photos of my big girl on her big day.

Can you see Greta making faces through the door window? Honestly! Greta is turning into such a class clown. She’s discovering she likes to make people laugh and does she ever make us laugh! Love these two sisters.

Greta starts preschool tomorrow!

We celebrated Holly’s 6th birthday this weekend. Six years old. That feels like the big leagues or something. It’s very grown up, very much passed the “toddler” and “preschooler” age. Holly is full of energy and a generally very happy child. She loves reading “Biscuit the dog” books. She loves playing with her sister - the intensity at which they play is impressive. Every day, Holly and Greta are thrilled to be together and they play with passion. It’s adorable and I’m in awe of their amazing sisterhood. Holly’s Holly! She a wonderful kid! It was a fun, busy weekend. We went to the San Francisco Zoo on Friday. It’s an okay zoo. The most recent zoo we’ve been to is the San Diego Zoo. If that’s the zoo that I hold as the standard, I think I’m going to be very disappointed every time we visit a zoo. It was fun and I’m glad we went. I don’t plan on visiting again. On Saturday evening we had a very small birthday party. And now it’s over. But the entitlement lives on.

Holly’s first lost tooth seems as good as any reason to start blogging again.

Being a mom is so fun! It was so exciting to first discover the loose tooth and then to have it come out. Throughout all of kindergarten, Holly watched her classmates wiggle their teeth and loose them and as any child can tell you, especially Greta, it’s agonizing to want to loose a tooth! One day Holly’s tooth became noticeably more loose. I still didn’t think it would come out, but she worked on it for a while until she pulled it out herself. I’m convinced that it was painful - there was a good amount of blood before it even came out. But Holly was determined to finally lose a tooth!

The night the tooth fairy came. As Conor and I tucked Greta more snuggly into bed, she woke up, disappointed that the tooth fairy had not come. Little did she know…

Holly’s not big on smiling with her teeth, but when I catch a glimpse of the hole in her smile, I think it’s completely adorable!

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