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Sometimes I still sew?? I made Maeve this sweet flannel dress using Wiksten's Smock dress pattern. I love this pattern with it's big pockets. I skipped the elastic on the sleeve because I didn't want the wrists to feel bulky. Maeve is really pleased with this dress. It's soft and sweet. It felt really good to make something. Next up, Maeve's birthday dress!

I started some sewing projects at the end of Christmas break when I had a little extra time and then slowly finished one of the projects earlier this week. A quilt for my sweet baby. I wanted something bright, colorful and simple. I'm really happy with how it turned out! I backed it with minky fabric so it's extra soft and cuddly. I love giving her this piece of me.

My birthday dress tradition is still going strong. Sometimes, I'm really surprised that my big girls still want me to make them dresses for their birthdays! But they absolutely love it! Holly helped pick out the fabric (from a few choices I had curated) and she chose between two patterns. She really likes this dress and it's super cute on her!

I don't sew as much as I would like to. I miss it. But I'm a busy Momma in this phase of my life and that's just that. But, when I do put my mind to making something, I get it made and it feels great! Greta has felt disenchanted with some of the dresses in her closet, plus she has specific tastes and some sensory issues. Together, we chose the fabric (I gave her a few choices) and pattern (again, limited choices) and I sewed this dress up for her. This is the Tinsley Dress pattern. It looks lovely on her. We had a little bit of drama (ok, a lot!) when I finished it, but I made an adjustment and it seems to be working for her. It's a cute simple dress.

We gave one of our favorite little friends a sewing experience for her 9th birthday. Together, between two afternoon playdates, we made cute little cat wallets/purses. The girls picked their fabric, embroidered the faces and helped with the sewing!

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