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I don't sew nearly as much these days as I used to and therefore I try to be picky about what I make. This summer, I made myself a jumpsuit and I love how it turned out! It's the Yari Jumpsuit pattern by True Bias. I used a linen blend from JoAnn's. This jumpsuit is so incredibly comfortable and I love the way it fits my body. I lengthened the waist and leg by 1/2", but with my next one, I'm going to add a little more length to the leg. I didn't do the D-ring ties, instead I made the wrap around belt. I want to make a second one out of a fabric that's a little more basic - black or denim. If I were to make this again, I would buy the printed pattern. It was so much work to print the PDF version and cut it out and then do my little alterations. Overall, so super happy with how this turned out!

From everything I've sewn for my daughters, I've saved 4' squares of fabric and for one of their birthdays (I think 10th), I'm going to make them each their own quilt from all those pieces of fabrics. I think this is a good plan, but one day I realized that they would hopefully like their quilts well enough to take with them when they grow up and move out and I wanted something for myself, to remember. So over time I've collected strips of fabric and then over the course of the last two summers I sewed those scraps together and cut 10" blocks on the diagonal and then pieced them all together. Just this past week, I quilted it and bound it and now it's ready for use. I backed it with flannel. We have one other quilt backed with flannel and it's the fan favorite. I really love how this quilt turned out and it was so rewarding to pull it out of the dryer and lay it out on the floor. Both Holly and Greta were searching for and finding fabric scraps that they recognized and asking me about the ones they didn't recognized. And Maeve was copying them by pointing to fabrics herself. I bound it in fabric leftover from a dress I made for Maeve. I love this quilt! 

I forgot Maeve's bonnet in Yahk. It was time fora bigger one anyways. I love how this one turned out! The pattern is a freebie from Purl Soho. 

One thing I want to do more with my girls is sew, but it's not really my favorite thing because it takes time to learn the basics of sewing and the girls want to make everything really fast and then I just get overwhelmed. I've had this little zippered purse project on my mind for a while and having Cathy here for a visit seemed like the perfect opportunity to tackle it! It was the best having an extra set of hands and Cathy has experience teaching children to sew and she has the wonderful patience of a grandmother. It was perfect! Holly and Greta are so proud of their creations!

This may have not been the best use of my time, but I do so little sewing these days. I made Maeve's a little snow babies dress. It's pretty big on her even though I made it in size 6-12 months. I'll likely loosen the elastic next winter and she can wear it as a tunic! I think it's pretty cute and this my favorite dress pattern. 

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