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I've had my eye on this Lion print from Cotton and Steel for a while, and when Gail from Probably Actually made a dress out of this print, I knew I had to follow suit. It's such a darling print - so much fun. Holly got an Oliver + S rollerskate dress out of it. And she likes it! I've stopped sewing for Greta. I'm not a big fan of making things she won't wear, so I'm taking a short break until she shows interest again. It lightens my sewing (self-placed) load. Until Greta is ready to wear what I make her (I think she needs more pink items sewn for her...), it's all for the daughter that wears and appreciates what I make. Holly's been through her phase of disinterest too, so I'm confident with a little bit of space and the right fabrics I'll have Greta back on board.

Anyways... here's some pictures of Holly in her dress...

I hardly sew at all anymore... two beautiful daughters and their wonderful summer has taken over my life. Every now and then I get overwhelmed by the things I want to sew, but then I remember what I'm doing with Holly and Greta is a million times more important. There will be more time to sew when school starts. And then I'll be wishing I was at the beach or swimming with my two best girls rather than sewing. There are a few things that I really do truly want to get done - a swim cover-up for myself, a twirl skirt for my friend's daughter, and then I definitely have to sew up Holly's birthday dress.

So, finishing up these cargo duffles felt like a real triumph! Each time we travel with Holly and Greta, I have to empty my temple bag so that it may be used to pack the girls' clothing. No longer! Now they each have a duffle to use. I doubt these duffles will be used exclusively for Holly and Greta when traveling. They're a great size and I can see them being used for all sorts of things.

Making these was time consuming - that's a lot of quilting! The pattern is fairly straight forward and with the help of some tips and a sew-along, I managed just fine. I used fabrics from Leah Duncan and Andover Chambray, purchased from Lima Sews.

I'm happy with how they turned out. And maybe they weren't actually as much work as I think they are. I worked on them for over a month, so it felt like a long time, but some of my sewing spurts were only 30 minutes.

A time and a season.

Last weekend, I put foam curlers in my daughters' hair. Holly and Greta were both very compliant, and excited for their curls. They went to sleep just fine. But, in the morning, Greta did not like her curls at all. One look in the mirror and her excitement turned to tears... for at least a half hour, until we put Greta in the tub and rinsed out her curls. I wonder if she didn't like how she looked with the curls or didn't recognize herself as much as she likes to. Holly loved her curls - she bobbed and shook her head as much as possible to get those curls bouncing.

On Sunday, Conor wore a bow tie that Holly had sewn for him - so awesome! Holly used a running stitch (in red thread) to sew together a few strips of fabric. She was so excited to present this treasure to Conor. Holly is really enthusiastic about sewing and I really need to do more of it with her but I'm not sure where to start. I've gotta figure that out!

I've wanted to try out the Oliver and S hopscotch dress for a little while and I finally tried it this month. These dresses are not my first try... I began dresses for the girls with different fabric, but I melted Greta's dress... and then Holly's size 4 barely fits her, so it's still unhemmed. It fits Greta much better. It was good that I made the melting mistake and figured out the O+S small sizing on this pattern (their patterns usually run a little bit big) before I cut into my Heather Ross knit fabric. I cut out Greta's dress in a 4 and Holly's in a 6 (!!!) and I didn't alter the length on either. Holly and Greta were waiting at the edge of the table as I finished their dresses and as soon as I had trimmed threads, they threw their dresses on and wore them for the remainder of the day! And then they wore them for the next 2+ days. Holly wore her dress 4 days in a row! I love it when I nail homemade clothes for them. I'm thinking about buying Heather Ross's strawberry knit fabric and making another set of dresses this month...

And what's better than two sisters that love each other? Conor and I love how well they play together. Holly and Greta are best friends!

This is one of my favorite sewing patterns of all times. This is the third year I've made up Oliver and S Puppet Show Shorts and the last year Holly will fit the pattern sizing. When I asked Greta at the store if she wanted shorts out of this fabric, she said a firm, "no." Baby girl is very specific about what she likes (and shorts aren't really her thing!). Holly, on the other hand, was thrilled with this garment. The shorts are fun and vibrant and are quite comfortable. The fabric has a great drape and weight and is still very soft. It's become so satisfying to sew for Holly. She's developed such a wonderful appreciation for the things I make her and it makes me want to sew for her constantly. She has a grateful heart. I hope she gets lots of use out of these shorts this summer!

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