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Hey Maeve and E, let's recreate this picture of you both with the goats in 20 years okay?

I'm solidly in the phase of children where the boys are almost always blurry in photos. It would be so nice if they'd pause for half a second longer, but that's not where they're at right now! And I still love their blurry smiles!

Our Uncle Kent owns a landscaping and snow removal business and a lot of big trucks. So naturally, I asked if we could have a truck tour while in town and we got our wish. Enoch got to obsess over trucks and then ride in the skid steer and then move dirt!!! Wow! Maeve got herself a ride too and Holly and Greta both drove the skid steer on their own and moved dirt. It was fun for every gender and age! Thanks Uncle Kent!

I'm thinking about putting these pictures into a board book form for Enoch... with all my spare time. Ha!

My man, Enoch, is crushing hard on buses and trucks and all things big and wheeled. The other day we picked a bus book out of a little library and it's his equivalent of heaven. We capitalized on Gramps' bus route and rode the bus while we were in Calgary! Enoch was transfixed. It was really fun! We followed the bus ride with a wagon ride. I mean, it's the little things!

Oh my little loves. Ira and Enoch spent a good chunk of time crawling while pushing the buses along the floor from the living room to the kitchen and back again. And then through the dining room. I was surprised to see that Ira was the leader. These two and their brotherhood... it's truly special. And buses, I'm a complete sucker for boys and buses (and vehicles in general - I love my sons!).

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