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My darling girl, my oldest child is 12 years old! How the years have flown. Holly is a kind and nurturing young girl. She's responsible and dependable. Holly loves to listen to an audio book while crafting - she could do that all the time! Holly loves the water and she's a strong swimmer. This past year, Holly has done a lot of new things like virtual school, Nordic skiing and mountain biking! I really like the person she is and I'm grateful I've been able to watch her grow into a really wonderful 12 year old!

For Holly's birthday, we were on our vacation in Loon Lake. Holly's a pretty easy kiddo to please. She chose all the meals and I made an ice cream cake. I really, really enjoyed celebrating her this year.

My little mamacita! Perks of virtual school.

It's so fun to be part of a family! I love my big girl helpers.

Our Holly Bear celebrated her 11th birthday on July 17th! Part of me could hardly believe she's already 11, but Holly has been telling us "I'm basically 11," for at least 4 months leading up to her birthday, so also not a shocker that now she's "literally" 11. Holly wanted a Worms and Dirt cake (just like her 2nd birthday!). It was overall a pretty lowkey day. She had a small pizza and movie party with 2 friends (and sisters). Holly chose to watch, "Kubo and the two strings," one of her all time favorites. We love our Holly!

Holly's watch quit working and so she decided to take it apart. And then she decided to call her Gramps because she knows how much he likes machines and tinkering. They had the cutest little time together with my Dad telling Holly about all the parts she could see inside her watch. It was pretty special and awesome. Thanks so much Dad for spending that time with Holly!

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