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Because she’s just so dang adorable, here’s an assortment of photos of Maeve. Oh how we love this baby!

Just a bunch of sister pictures. I can’t believe I have three girlfriends! It’s so weird to refer to Greta as my middle child still. 

We blessed Maeve this past Sunday. It was a really special day, despite the dress drama. We’re so grateful to have Maeve in our lives! We felt very loved by the family and friends who came to her blessing day. Conor says she grinned the entire time and a friend commented that it was distracting. It was a beautiful blessing and so very Maeve. 

And here’s a ton of pictures… so much love!

Maeve is 3 months! She’s the best babe ever. SO chill and happy. She loves to chit chat and sleep through the night. She loves to suck on her hands and wrists. She refuses to take a bottle and there’s no need for soothers because she’s just so content. She loves a good cuddle. She loves to be talked to and she has started to laugh. It’s still a bit of work to get her to laugh and conditions have to be just right, but it’s one of the best sounds ever. We love our Maeve!

Oh this sweet baby! Nothing really to write about to go with these pictures. I love Maeve to the moon and back. She has fit in so seamlessly into our family! She laughed for the first time 5 days ago at exactly 12 weeks old. I’m dying for her to laugh more and more easily. Maeve is my everything. 

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