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Maeve-shake is 5 months old! I can’t believe it! 

What you should know about Maeve this month: 

  • Maeve still hasn’t taken a bottle or pacifier and hasn’t been offered either in a long time
  • She has no interest in rolling or getting herself places because…
  • She’s not very interested in toys
  • Although, she likes to lay under her jungle gym and pretend she’s sucking on it
  • She’s chubby and delicious
  • Laughs and smiles so easily
  • She’s the LOUDEST talker
  • Sleeps really well, except lately she’s been waking early 

Maeve is a favorite in our family and we all can’t get enough of her. She is nothing but joy and happiness! Some of our friends asked me if I’m happier since she was born because they observed that I am happier. Absolutely. I live a fuller life because Maeve is in it!

This baby is just so cute! We love everything about her especially her laughs and smiles. She’s kind of starting to play with toys but not really. She just hasn’t figured those hands out yet. It’s kind of funny. She brings us SO MUCH JOY! Sometimes I think of all the things I wish I was getting done or learning right now. I’m trying to pursue some of those, but it’s all pretty moderated because the baby and the older girls take up a lot of my time. It’s such a short season and so worthwhile!

These three girls. It’s all bliss with Maeve. Everything she does is adorable, even her blow outs. Maeve took some big girl baths this week and we all adored it. Holly and Greta love their sister so much! And Maeve feels similarly. She loves smiling and laughing at her sisters. This past week, I brought out all our baby board books. Holly and Greta have loved reading the books to Maeve. Maeve will be so well read! It’s so great to have such a small person bring so much big love into our home.

Maeve sleeps in Conor and my bedroom and has since day one. She sleeps in this little half-size crib that belongs to Conor’s parents. It’s the perfect size and fits just right in our room. I’ll be so sad when she outgrows it. I don’t think she’ll outgrow it anytime soon since she has zero interest in being mobile. But still, it’ll be a sad day. I love this wee baby in her wee crib so much.

I couldn’t stand having Holly sleep in our room when she was a baby - too many baby noises! Greta stopped night sleeping in our room at about 5 months. I think I’ll keep Maeve in here for a good long time. I love knowing that she’s close by. The evolution of my motherhood is very interesting to me. But you know, Maeve. She’s just so wonderful.

P.S. She doesn’t sleep with her stuffed donkey.

My darling Maeve is 4 months old! Some things you should know about Maeve:

  • Maeve loves to have a fist in her mouth, she’s constantly chewing on her hands. Teething perhaps?
  • This past month she discovered her lips and loves to suck them in, etc
  • She also discovered her right ear and the hair that surrounds it
  • Her laugh is amazing
  • Maeve’s talking is a vibration in the back of her throat. It’s adorable and sometimes she’s very loud!
  • Maeve loves her sisters to the moon and back
  • She makes our world go around!
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