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I guess we're at that phase where not everyone is home (or awake) for the family activity. This year only Maeve and Holly carved pumpkins. Maeve drew out her design on a piece of paper and then I did my best to replicate it on the pumpkin. Maeve and I also did a couple of crafts. I love the expressions she drew on her pumpkin. I told her I wanted to do some crafts with her one afternoon and her response was, "I already did a craft at preschool." I did so many crafts with Holly and Greta. What they say is true, every child is born into a different family. I'm glad I carved out some time to do a couple little crafts.

It's a Halloween miracle, I made Maeve a Halloween dress! Fortunately, I believe it will fit her next year so I'm not hurting over finishing it with only 2 weeks left until Halloween.

Next up... Christmas ornaments, stockings and Maeve's birthday dress.

Spoiler alert: Maeve is going to be Elsa for Halloween! I scored a second hand costume and high heels (!) for 5$. Maeve loves the dress, but what she really loves is the high heels. Her guardian angel must've ensured I'd find a pair in her size. She has worn them constantly for the last 3 days. Major mom win!

And that serious Elsa face, haha! Maeve is the best.

A slow duple morning for the win.

When your baby bro's snowsuit almost fits...

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