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My sweet Maeve is 8 months. Today, she looked noticeably longer and bigger to me. She continues to have the sweetest temperament and makes the funniest noises. Her laugh is hilarious. She loves attention. Maeve loves Holly and Greta, although I believe I am her favorite person. Breastfeeding has been a struggle. We had some really great months until month 5 or 6 and then problems upon problems. I’m persevering - I refuse to give it up. I love nursing my baby! Maeve isn’t sleeping through the night consistently and she wakes up earlier than I’d like her to so I’m Tired. But we’ll get there… right??

I love this baby with all my heart! 

Some Sunday photos of my little lovelies. Maeve’s white dress is her blessing dress. It actually fits her now!

Better late than never… I did take these photos at the very tail end of June just before Maeve turned 7 months. She’s growing and changing so fast, but she’s still so petite. Maeve is still in her 3-6 month clothes. I wonder when she’ll outgrow them?

Sometimes I wonder if I was truly happy before Maeve. She is the best. 

Maeve is a sitting up girl now! She’s pretty pleased with herself, and I’m feeling sad because crawling is just around the corner and it’s all going too fast!

Maeve does not take a soother and fortunately, she doesn’t need one. She’s very content without one. Holly and Greta wish desperately that Maeve took one (and a bottle for that matter) so every now and then they try it out with Maeve. It’s cute and funny.

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