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While we had family in town, we celebrated Maeve's birthday. I have been so excited to give Maeve her gift - a momma bunny and three nursing baby bunnies. She loves it. This age that Maeve is at, it's so magical. (And a little emotionally charged at times!) My favorite thing she says, mostly about the baby we have in our home, is, "oh goodness." Maeve is a sweetheart with a big heart. Now if only she'd stop pooping in the tub.

Some snaps of my Maevey baby.

Poor Maeve, she crashed on the couch yesterday. Which honestly, was so nice for me! The little sweetie has been feeling rotten for the past week and I'm so ready for her to feel better! I'm sure she is too!

Maeve spent a week as the only child in the house. It was a busy week for Conor and I as we finished up getting ready to be foster parents. Maeve loved having the toys and her parents all to herself. She played so hard and I had some fun doing some toddler specific activities with her.

I couldn't resist buying these pajamas for Maeve. They are the perfect soft blue and the bunny pattern is so sweet. She loves them as much as I do!

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