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Maeve really doesn’t need anything. I saved enough baby toys and have acquired a few more. But you know, I couldn’t help myself. I bought her a doll and we gave her a couple books. Watching Maeve open (or try to open) gifts was almost too much for Holly and Greta. We’ve all heard the term helicopter parenting, but I think we have some helicopter big sisters in our house! We had the best time celebrating our Maeve-shake. 

I can’t believe my baby is one! In my mind, she’s about 8 or 9 months old because that’s about the size she is. Sweet Maeve did it, she fell off the charts for height and is now at 0%. She’s a wee, little thing and isn’t even quite at 16 pounds yet. She got all the short genes! What you should know about Maeve…

  • Maeve still gets swaddled to sleep
  • She wakes up in the night 
  • Maeve does not crawl, she pulls herself around on her bottom
  • Maeve loves to eat
  • She’s so super cuddly
  • Maeve can say, “hi,” “bye,” wave, clap and give slobbery kisses

We love this baby so much! We are so happy she joined our family. 

This telephone is currently Maeve’s favorite. She pushes it back and forth and makes lots of noise and hasn’t tired of it! Every now and then she pauses to see if anyone’s called. I’ve really enjoyed pulling out some of the baby toys I saved.

Poor Maeve had her first really bad sickness and was a sad, sad mess and a super cuddle monster for at least a week. It was heartbreaking, but all those snuggles were pretty sweet. Still, we were relieved when she started smiling and being herself again.

Snapped a few photos of my crew this past Sunday. I bought Maeve a new toy in Chicago and she loves it. It’s not the best toy to bring to church though - those round pieces roll away! Lesson learned.

Maeve’s cheesy grin in the first picture makes my heart melt! That gummy smile is the best thing ever!

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