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We frequently find ourselves in the Zocálo and we are often blowing bubbles. My kids all really enjoy it. The Zocálo is such a fun place to people watch. There's almost always live music and there are little stands selling all sorts of things. Here are some pictures of my Maeve looking so dang cute and so happy blowing bubbles. 

One day this past week, Maeve just wouldn't take a nap and she also wouldn't relax. I took her out to the mercado for a little date. First we stopped at the tortilla shop because Maeve had a craving and then we bought orange-pineapple juice and drank it together. I loved spending those 20 minutes with just Maeve! Poor Maeve, we try to get her down for a nap at a reasonable time each day, but our schedule has had so many variables! Lots of lates nights, late naps and missed naps! 

This hibiscus bush is just on the corner from our apartment. Last night I noticed a tree growing pomegranates! The plants here are top notch. Anyways, here's my cute baby who won't remember anything from this trip. 

Later this week, we leave for Oaxaca, Mexico and we will be there for a month! We're pretty excited and feeling pretty lucky that we have this opportunity. Homeschool perks for sure! We booked this trip only about 2 months ago and haven't had as much time to prepare for it as we did for Ecuador. After Christmas, I borrowed a bunch of books about Mexico from the library, and we did a bunch of cactus art. The art was so much fun, but my kiddos may be sick of cacti! We made cacti with white glue dyed black, watercolor paint and tissue paper flowers. We made cacti cut from construction paper and drew the prickles on with permanent marker. We made cacti with hand prints and used our fingers to make the flowers (Maeve did this one too!). And lastly, we made cacti with shaving cream and food dye swirled together and then pressed on watercolor paper. The shaving cream one was the favorite, but the black glue one was a close second! I love all this wonderful, vibrant cactus art hanging up at the back table! I can't wait to go to the Botanical Gardens in Oaxaca and see all the plants! We read a couple of great books about the Saguaro Cactus, and while I'm not sure we will see any in person, they are so fascinating! 

We're in the flurry of packing and getting ready for this trip. All the nerves and butterflies and worries about the flight are setting in. We're all pretty excited! One month is going to fly by! 

Maeve was very interested in playing the shaving cream and was pleased to swirl some around on a tray herself, but she doesn't like getting anything on her hands such as shaving cream. Crumbs and yogurt are also included in the list of things she doesn't like on her hands!

Here are the links to the different cactus art projects:
Black Glue Cactus
3D Paper Cactus
Handprint Cactus
Shaving Cream Cactus

We celebrated Maeve's birthday earlier this month. It's so crazy how time flies. Maeve is just one of the best things in my life and God was right, I have no regrets adding her to my family! We all adore her and we're so grateful she's a part of our family. It's really fun to be a parent with perspective. It's been a while since I last parented a 2 year old, but I feel very capable and I really like figuring what what she wants or needs. She's a pretty determined girl. 

Maeve is so cuddly and affectionate. It's such a gift. She melts right into us. I also love watching her little body move. Oh those hips!

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