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Not sure if it's my lens, me the photographer, or my wiggly children, but most of the photos I snapped of them this morning turned out fuzzy. Whoops! So here's two of my cute children. I love these three so much!

Well, here's something I haven't done much of lately... Sunday photos of my darlings! Maeve with pigtails! Maeve has worn through the bottoms of two pairs of pants and one pair of jammies. That bottom scoot is really hard on the clothing! I bought her the knitted tights she's wearing here for $2. 

This is my baby after we've walked home from church. We could not keep her awake in the ergo! On this Sunday, she went to nursery and clearly had a great time. Immediately following Sacrament meeting at church, Maeve gets whisked away by someone. She's quite the little celebrity! 

Snapped a few photos of my crew this past Sunday. I bought Maeve a new toy in Chicago and she loves it. It's not the best toy to bring to church though - those round pieces roll away! Lesson learned.

Maeve's cheesy grin in the first picture makes my heart melt! That gummy smile is the best thing ever!

Sundays are a weird day. Love me a sabbath and do I ever need a day a rest after homeschooling each week, but Holly and Greta? They do not feel the same, they want to go and play and do and be! Conor is up at 5AM on Sundays and out of the house at 5:40 (I think? I dunno, I'm not up until later) and we have church at 9AM. It's a full morning! We're trying to figure out what our Sundays look like these days... email me with suggestions! Here are some photos of our most recent Sunday.

PS: Maeve's hair.... her sisters love to put it in a ponytail and sometimes they do it before I tell them no and then Maeve hair is all crimped that direction and I just have to go with it. If you've got it, flaunt it. 

Something I'm trying to do... snapping some Sunday photos before church. Seems to help me make sure we're ready on time and because I'm taking fewer photos lately, there's at least these. Plus, our family will be changing soon!

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